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Top Value Fabrics MESH-8

8 oz. Mesh Banner

SKU: MESH-8-38164

Top Value Fabrics MESH-8

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8 oz., Matte, 1000D, Polyester weave, Solid PVC removable liner, 65/35 hole pattern

product overview

8 oz., Matte, 1000D, Polyester weave, Solid PVC removable liner, 65/35 hole pattern


8 oz.

1000 Denier

65/35 hole pattern

Reinforced banner manufactured with a polyester support cloth center 

Solid PVC removable liner


Special Event Banners

Areas of high wind

Building wraps

Fence wraps

Stadium wraps

Projects for “see-through” effects

Printer Compatibility:

Solvent,  Eco-Solvent, UV Cure, Latex (Printer Dependent)


Applications: Areas of high winds, building wraps, fence wraps, stadium wraps, projects for “see through” effects, special event banners

Brand: Top Value Fabrics

Color: White

Finish: Matte

Lengths: 164’

Media Type: PVC Vinyl

Outdoor Durability: Long-term

Printer Compatibility: Eco-solvent, Solvent, UV Cure, Latex (Printer Dependent)

Product Name: #MESH-8-38164 = 38”x164’, #MESH-8-54164 = 54”x164’, #MESH-8-63164 = 63”X 164’, #MESH-8-72164 = 72”X164’, #MESH-8-98164 = 98”X164’

Thickness: 8 oz.

Weight: MESH-8-39164=38"X164' (50 lbs), MESH-8-54164=54"X164' (69 lbs), MESH-8-63164 (83 lbs), MESH-8-72164 (110 lbs), MESH-8-98164=98"X164' (130 lbs)

Widths: 38”, 54”, 63”, 72”, 98”


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